When we are immersed in the midst of troubling or confusing situations we often times can not see things from an objective point of view. A spiritual consultation can give you insight and clarity on the things that you may be too immersed in to be able to see from an objective point of view.
Choose whatever suits you the best from one of the options below so that you can get the answers you need today. Gain clarity, confirmation, confidence, and control after your consultation with me!

How my readings work:

What I do is scan your energy while you're talking to me. When something comes to me in my mind's eye I'll tell you what it is that I sense. I use my intuition and playing cards as a divination tool to confirm what spirit is telling me. Once we get to the root of the issue, I will give you a spiritual prescription to help you solve whatever problem it is you have or to help you manifest what it is you'd like to bring about in your life. This can be anything from a prayer, Bible verses, spiritual baths, crystals, visualizations, etc. My goal is to help you get clarity and results in your life and I am dedicated to doing so.