The Importance of Spiritual Baths | Facts & Recipes

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness” is not just a cliché that people have used to encourage others to take care of their personal hygiene. It is a spiritual truth that has been followed by every spiritual system for ages. Removing physical debris such as sweat, bacteria, and dirt is just as important as removing energetic debris. Cleansing the body prepares one to engage in spiritual practices by clearing the aura of any energetic debris that may interfere with the connection to Spirit. It also removes negative energies that are attached to the aura that contribute to negative emotions and experiences. A good spiritual bath will leave you feeling cleansed and renewed from the inside out.

The aura is the electromagnetic field that emits from the body. It is a transmitter of information between the physical world and the spiritual world. The aura is our energetic signature and when we interact with other people, go to different places, and make contact with all sorts of objects that have been touched by others (think shopping carts for example) we pick up the various energies that are attached to these people and things. Some of these interactions give us positive feelings or good vibes and some of them makes us have negative reactions because the energetic signatures are not harmonious with our own.

The other invisible waves around us such as radio waves, microwaves, and electromagnetic waves emitted from electronic devices can also have effects on the aura. They can actually create holes in the aura or weaken it. Having an aura that is weakened or damaged can make us vulnerable to negative thought forms and spiritual attacks.Taking spiritual baths gets rid of all the extra stuff that is not yours and can heal any damage that has been done to the aura. A healthy aura, just like a healthy immune system, can defend us from negative outside influences that seek to destroy us.

Spiritual baths work because of several different reasons. One of the main reasons is because of the water itself. Moving water has negative ions in it. Water in the ocean, in rivers, from thunderstorms and even showers and faucets all contain negative ions. Negative ions are molecules or atoms that have more electrons than protons. When this occurs we say the molecules or atoms are negatively charged. Negative ions are good for your physical and spiritual health. They combat the effects of free radicals (also known as positive ions) in the body. They improve breathing which increases the amount of oxygen to the brain, they help to fight depression, and they can kill harmful bacteria and viruses amongst many other healing attributes. These ions are why something as simple as taking a bath or a shower can help you to feel rejuvenated and improves your mood. Negative ions are also why the air smells so fresh after a thunderstorm. The lightening charges molecules in the air with electrons and this is what accounts for the clean and relaxing smell. Negative ions also counteract the effect of positive ions (free radicals) and return the body and soul back to a state of homeostasis.

Water can also be charged with your intent using sounds. The simplest spiritual bath you can take is by drawing the water into the tub and praying over it. Speaking positive and uplifting words over the water or charging it by playing beautiful music can turn a regular bath into a spiritual one. Water is a powerful transmitter and receiver of consciousness.

You can make the spiritual bath more powerful and specific by using different plants and/or animal by-products to make bath teas and soak in them. What you use will depend on your purpose for taking the bath.

If you are taking a bath for cleansing negative energy you will want to use ingredients such as myrrh, benzoin, sage, a whole egg or egg white powder (cascarilla), salt, and pine.

Baths for protection can have ingredients such as frankincense, basil, marjoram, rosemary, peppermint, wormwood, and various tree barks such as oak, cypress, cedar, and ash.

Ingredients that are good for attraction baths are cinnamon, honey, nutmeg, rose, lavender, rue, bayberry and orange peel.

Basil, bay leaves, John the Conqueror root, nutmeg, allspice, and anise are all great ingredients to use for a success bath.

For purposes of removing unwanted people and situations from your life things such as vinegar, lime, eucalyptus, angelica, osha root, and pau d’arco are great for this.

Some of these ingredients can be used for multiple purposes. Cleansing ingredients often double as protection ingredients and success ingredients can also be used in baths for attraction.

When you’re taking the bath you should visualize your intent while in the tub and be sure to immerse your entire body in the water at least one time. Here are a couple of simple recipes for spiritual bath teas. Soak the ingredients in hot water for 15-20 minutes, charge it with your intent, strain the ingredients, and then add to your bath water.

Love Drawing Bath: Cinnamon Orange peels Strawberry Peaches Honey Rose petals

Pink Himalayan sea salt

Protection Bath: Frankincense Rosemary Olive leaf Oak bark powder Chamomile Juniper

Sea salt

Money Drawing Bath: Rue (Ruda) Bayberry Cinnamon Nutmeg Bay Leaves Clove


If you are too busy to make your own spiritual baths then feel free to purchase my Master Key Bath Salts. It's a great multipurpose spiritual bath whether you need protection, are seeking love, or need more money. This formula was designed to help you unlock the treasures of your subconscious mind. Try it out and let me know what you think.

Love & bliss, Empress Naima

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