COVID-19 | What Does Spirit Say?

We are being bombarded with messages that promote fear and uncertainty. Spirit says that to get through these times ahead we need to have faith and demonstrate compassion. Now is a time where we have an opportunity to become more empowered and build a society that is in harmony with nature, that demonstrates love, and is free from ideologies that separate us.

Card keywords:

7♠️ Health and work problems, learning to practice faith. Spiritual and occult practices. Illusions.

5❤️ Changes off heart, move to a new home. Divorce. Restless emotions.

4♣️ Organization and clarity. Peace of mind. Stubbornness. Fixed attitudes.

3♣️ Creativity, worry, expression of ideas orally or through writing.

7♣️ Dealing with negativity, spiritual knowledge, expanded consciousness.

7❤️ Unconditional love and non- attachment in relationships. Betrayal by loved ones.

4❤️ Stability in love and home. Marriage and family.

4♠️ Hard work brings stability and protection in work, health, and all areas of life.

5♦️ Changes in values, occupation, business travel. Change in financial conditions. Career dissatisfaction.

Q♦️ Financial success through nurturing and helping, successful business women. Overspending.

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