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Alexa: Play New Apartment by Ari Lennox | A Spiritual Home Cleansing Guide

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Currently I am in the midst of packing, connecting utilities, learning my new neighborhood, ordering furniture, and a whole lot of other tasks that need to be done so this move to our new apartment can go smoothly. In addition to everything else that I'm doing, I have to come up with a plan of action to cleanse our apartment before we bring the first box in. I'm going to share my process with you so you can use it as a guide to cleanse your own home.


When I do a spiritual cleanse in a space I start off by washing the floors. I have a mop and bucket that's dedicated to this sole purpose. I only use them for my weekly spiritual cleaning. I start in the back and work my way to the front. This is so to ensure that negative energy is completely removed from my home. For any areas that have carpet I mix my herbs with baking soda and Florida water, sprinkle it on the carpet, and then vacuum. Some of the more popular ingredients used in spiritual floor washes are cleansing agents such as amonia, and vinegar. Plants such as rue, pine, cedar, hyssop, orange, and rose are also common ingredients used. Here is the recipe that I use:


Orange peel





Florida Water


Dr. Bronner's Sweet Almond Soap

I steep everything except the Florida water and soap in hot water for about 30 minutes and then I pour the liquid into a buck with water and soap. While I'm moping I play The Ana Be'Koach prayer on repeat. If you're vegan then omit the cascarilla. Cascarilla is powdered egg shells.


I love the windows in our new place. They're big and they let in a lot of light. There's also space for me to sit and read books by them so I need to be sure that no bad vibes cling to them. Windows are like the eyes of the home and keeping them clean and clear can help with your own inner visions and intuition. Here's what I'm using:


White Vinegar


That's it. You don't always need a ton of ingredients to get the job done.

Walls, Counters, and Other Surfaces

For the walls, counters, and other surfaces in my apartment I'll be using Florida water in a spray bottle. I don't want to do anything that will damage surfaces so this is the safest cleanser I can think of. A light mist and a quick wipe is all that is needed. Florida water is strong and a little goes a long way in my experience.


I always end my spiritual cleansing sessions with smoke. I feel as if the smoke seals in the good energy that you've created during the previous steps. I like to focus on my intentions for the week and the smoke delivers them to the heavens as it ascends upwards. I don't use sage very much anymore as I have more of an affinity for resins like benzoin and frankincense. Here's one of my favorite incense blends:



Palo Santo Chips

Tangerine Essential Oil

I toss the first three ingredients in a few drops of tangerine oil and then burn the blend on hot coals in an incense burner. I let it burn in every room but not before taking battery out of the smoke detector. If you live in an home with sparklers just burn some incense sticks or cones. Those will work just fine.

A whole lot of visualizing and praying got me to this point where I can get a new home that's better suited for my current lifestyle. This spiritual home cleansing routine is going to help ensure that I can keep the same energy moving forward. So there you have it! My personal ritual. If you use please let me know how you liked it and how it worked out for you. I'm on Instagram and Twitter as @BayouOracle.

Here's a playlist of songs I created called 'New Apartment' that I'm going to be listening to while I cleanse my new space:

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