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Weekly Energy Report Aug. 14-20, 2022

This week I pulled all diamonds so you know what that means; big money! If you have been experiencing any financial issues, this week you will get some much-needed relief.

We start the week with the 4 of Diamonds and it is the card of financial success and satisfaction. It also indicates that you’ll be spending money on family and home matters. This could be anything from paying for the kids to go to summer camp or doing home repairs & renovations. A lot of us are sending our kids back to school so that means spending money on school clothes, supplies, and other associated fees. The beginning of the week will find you in a place to where you’re more settled financially, or firmly on the path to building a solid financial foundation. It's a stabilizing influence that enables you to look toward the future instead of trying to make it from one month to the next.

The Ace of Diamonds is the card influencing the middle of this week. The stabilizing influence of the 4 of Diamonds will have you feeling renewed when it comes to your finances. Aces denote new beginnings so the boost to your finances from the beginning of the week signals the prosperity you'll experience moving forward. The Ace of Diamonds also signals that there's new money and new opportunities this week that will further reinforce your ability to live an abundant life.

The last card for this week is the Queen of Diamonds. Its appearance lets you know that you've attained some level of mastery when it comes to finances and your value system, for the two are intricately intertwined. The Queen of Diamonds can also mean that you'll either receive some sort of financial assistance or be in a position to bless someone else financially. Using your gifts to serve is the nature of all the queens in the deck. It's great energy for giving back and helping those who need it the most. Because Queens represents women and feminine energy this is a great week for women business owners to level up and take things to the next level. One precaution to take is to not overspend as the Queen of Diamonds can also be an indication of excessive spending.

That's all for this week. If you'd like a more in-depth and personal reading book a session with me. I love feedback so if any of this was true to your life please leave a comment below.

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